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Vero Beach Man Arrested For Trying To Sell Dangerous Drugs

Indian River Drug Arrest LawyerA 26-year-old Vero Beach man may be in need of an Indian River Drug arrest lawyer following his arrest on Tuesday for attempting to sell a drug deemed to be both dangerous and addictive. The Martin County Sheriff’s department explains the contact with the man was the culmination of a long-term investigation.

The man walked into a trap at a local gas station when he unknowingly agreed to deliver meth to undercover investigators. Detectives also secured a search warrant for a nearby motel room where the suspect was believed to live.

Detectives discovered six grams of meth, heroin, suboxone, over ten grams of GHB, and assorted drug paraphernalia after searching the hotel room.

The suspect also possessed the drug Narcan, which is used for its ability to reverse the effects of drug overdoses.

Detectives believe the suspect planned to sell the drug in the local area. The man was booked into the Martin County Jail following his drug arrest.

Florida Drug Possession Lawyer

Drug charges in Florida can range in nature from simple possession of a small amount of drugs to trafficking large quantities of illicit substances to maintaining facilities for commercial production and manufacturing.

Mounting the proper defense against drug charges in Florida is a complex matter that a defendant should not attempt to handle on their own. The services of a skilled and competent attorney will be needed.

It is important to note that possession of drugs in Florida can be individual, joint, or constructive in nature. Individuals are not guilty of drug possession simply because they were found in a home or car where drugs are present.

Law enforcement officials must prove the accused had knowledge of the drugs that are present and possessed the ability to exercise control over those drugs.

Jeffrey H. Garland is an Indian River criminal defense lawyer with the skill and experience to handle any variety of drug charge in Florida. If you or someone close to you is facing drug charges in the Fort Pierce, Florida area call the Law Office of Jeffery H. Garland at (772) (489) (2200). Attorney Jeffrey H. Garland can also be contacted online here.