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2500 Rhode Island Ave, Suite B, Fort Pierce, FL 34947
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Women Arrested in Fort Pierce For DUI

Some DUI cases may seem to be cut-and-dry, but a DUI lawyer can review case specifics in many instances and determine if there are mitigating circumstances which can help to reduce penalties or even exonerate a defendant. Consider a recent Fort Pierce case in which two women were stopped in two separate traffic checkpoints. The first woman was an eighteen year old driver who did not have her headlights on despite driving at night. When questioned by the officer, the woman appeared to be nervous and sweating. Officers then noted she had only her underwear on when she was asked to perform field sobriety testing; when questioned, the young lady stated that “it was warm out” and that was the reason for her attire. Furthermore, the detained woman thought that her headlights were burned out as well. Though she denied drinking, police subsequently took her into custody on suspicion of DUI.

In the second case, a lady was proceeding through a drive through in early morning hours, also clad in her underwear just as the first woman had been. Police observed that she seemed confused and was slurring speech, and with that information on hand, she was then under arrest for suspicion of DUI.

While these cases may seem like something out of a movie, they are indeed all too real and can have devastating and life-changing consequences up to and including jail time, loss of license, social embarrassment, and heavy fines. These sentences can devastate and forever alter the course of a charged individual’s life!

If you or someone you love should find yourself in a situation such as the unfortunate young ladies described, now is the time to act! It is imperative to contact an experienced DUI defense lawyer. A Fort Pierce DUI Lawyer can be at your side and quickly begin a thorough and detailed review of the specific particulars surrounding you, your arrest, and your case. With a strong background and experience in defending DUI cases, a Fort Pierce DUI Attorney has the knowledge and skill necessary to navigate through a complex legal system with all its nuances. Your attorney will also be sure that the burden of proof is effectively placed back on the prosecution to determine your status at the time of the alleged offense. A Fort Pierce DUI Lawyer, for example, can review whether you have had medical testing such as breathalyzer or blood testing and if these tests are admissible, or if something has occurred which can derail the prosecution of your case, such as an illegal search. Thus, a DUI criminal lawyer should be your very first contact if you or your loved ones find yourselves in this position. Contact them today to help get your case resolved and your life back on track!