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Fort Pierce Man on Probation Arrested for DU

On Sunday, August 16, a 23-year-old man on probation for attempted murder was arrested in Fort Pierce police on suspicion of DUI after being pulled over for speeding.

John Garrett Call Jr. of Fort Pierce was stopped at approximately 2:48 a.m. after being clocked doing roughly 80 miles per hour on South Ocean Boulevard by local police. According to the official police report, when the officer reached Call’s vehicle, he detected a strong alcohol odor.

The officer also noticed that Call’s eyes were bloodshot, and despite the suspect’s claim that he had only had a single Bud Light one hour earlier, Call flunked his sobriety test.

The Previous Charge

The charge against Call comes over five years after the then-16-year-old was arrested on two counts of attempted second-degree murder and three counts of aggravated battery with a vehicle. That was later upgraded to five counts of attempted murder.

In that case, Call was involved in a fight near 66th Avenue and returned to the outdoor party in his parents’ SUV. He was charged with deliberately driving the vehicle into a crowd, with two people seriously injured, another being sent to the hospital and three more individuals released after receiving treatment.

Always Ready to Answer the Call

This most recent charge will require the services of a Saint Lucie DUI defense attorney with the background to handle such a case, something that’s a clear description of Jeffrey Garland.

For more than three decades, Jeffrey Garland has been St Lucie DUI Lawyer that knows how to read between the lines of a DUI police report to make sure that his clients receive the best possible defense.

Jeffrey Garland knows that issues develop regarding the validity of sobriety tests, potentially resulting in the information being thrown out of court. In addition, a defense that explores all different avenues of the case will garner the proper justice.

A standard penalty in a DUI case can be loss of a driver’s license. Jeffrey Garland is committed to doing his very best to make sure that individuals keep their driving privileges, since it’s a vital component for life in South Florida.

So if you or someone you know needs a St Lucie DUI Lawyer, contact Jeffrey Garland. His value as a Saint Lucie DUI defense attorney is clearly evident, and something that can aid your defense.