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Trick or Treat ‘19: Eleven Arrested, Charged as Internet Predators

Fort Pierce Child Solicitation Lawyer

Help from a Fort Pierce Child Solicitation Lawyer

A recent Treasure Coast police sting, named “Operation Deviant Desire,” has netted eleven men who are now accused of internet crimes and sex offenses. The Volusia County sheriff said the victim is 14 years old. The accused range in age from 19 to 55 and are all now in need of a Fort Pierce child solicitation lawyer.

Felonies alleged by police include “traveling to seduce, solicit, or entice a child,” “attempted lewd or lascivious battery,” “using a computer to lure a child,” and “using a two-way communications device to commit a felony.”

The nature of police procedure has changed drastically in the digital age as has the art of criminal defense. When investigating crimes involving electronic devices and systems, some law enforcement organizations employ specialized forensic experts who use emerging technologies to analyze computer activities, like keystroke patterns and networking data in determining whether a device was used intentionally for illegal activity.

Depending on the allegation, certain information stored on a home computer or mobile device may be used to disprove a criminal charge. Alternatively, however, internet and social media footprints may provide detectives with exactly what they need for a conviction. When someone is charged with a computer- or communications-related crime, she or he should not be assumed guilty simply because suspicious information exists on a device in their possession. Instead, a suspect’s involvement and knowledge of that information must be proven in fact. For example, digital date-and-time data is changed easily, so a device’s time stamps may not correspond with the actual calendar.

A specialized advocate for clients accused of cybercrime must have a sufficient technical knowledge of computers and of the preservation and retrieval of data. Moreover, when a case requires extraordinary forensic expertise, the right attorney will have ready access to computer engineering and computer science subject matter experts.

Hiring a Fort Pierce Child Solicitation Lawyer

Fort Pierce criminal attorney Jeffrey H. Garland has extensive experience defending his clients against computer- and internet-related charges and against sexual misconduct allegations in general. If someone you know is involved in a similar legal situation, contact The Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at 772.489.2200.