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St. Lucie Woman Arrested for Battery at Walmart

No one in Port St. Lucie needs a St. Lucie battery defense lawyer more than Jaymie Lee Perry, who is now being held in lieu of $46,000 bail with two charges of resisting an officer with violence and battery on an officer, battery, aggravated battery, purse-snatching, and battery on a person 65 years old or older. This followed an incident at a Walmart where Perry allegedly tried to get in the car of a strange woman after complimenting her and her son. The woman pulled her out and it was not long before Perry found another woman and a boy and tried to take that boy, claiming him as her son. When the mother stopped Perry, she allegedly tried to snatch her purse. However, just because she was charged, does not mean she is guilty. But she needs a good battery defense lawyer to prove everyone else that she is innocent.

Many times, people are arrested on site without any evidence of a battery crime taking place, and they go to trial without the police conducting a proper investigation and just having the police report for evidence. Even worse, many times accusations of battery and assault is really just a ploy to get revenge on someone or get an advantage for divorce proceedings. The police also does not always take in account drug use or mental disabilities. Many battery charges occur because someone is trying to stop an intoxicated or mentally unstable person from harming him or herself, or someone else. These people are often unjustly accused, and Jaymie Lee Perry is possibly one of them. She needs a good St. Lucie battery lawyer to help her get out of something that could possibly haunt her for the rest of her life.

Jeffrey Garland is such a battery defense lawyer. He has successfully defended many of the accused for battery charges after judging the court’s ability to prove wrong doing. If the court does not have enough evidence for a conviction, then pre-motions are already filed for a trial that will get a “not guilty” verdict.

If you or someone you know has been wrongly accused of a battery assault charge, then you can contact our firm at 772-498-2200 or at jgarland@treasurecoastlawyer.com.