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St Lucie Man Arrested For DUI Manslaughter

A Fort Pierce man was arrested on July 12, 2012 on a series of charges related to an auto accident that resulted in the death of Vero Beach woman and left her husband suffering from serious injuries.

That individual was charged with the following crimes in the February 6, 2012 incident that took place on Indian River Drive: driving while license suspended, death serious injury, DUI and damage property, DUI and serious bodily injury to another, DUI causing death to human or unborn child, killing of person or viable fetus with vehicle, and reckless driving first offense.

Driving a 2007 Toyota Camry just north of Ohio Street, his southbound vehicle went off the road, hit a metal telephone and an electric cable box. That collision was followed by the vehicle going into the northbound lane, where it struck a 2009 Buick Lucerne with 81-year-old Norbert Stege behind the wheel. The driver’s wife, was pronounced dead at the scene from her passenger-side seat.

A blood test taken that day indicated a high level of ethanol in his system, while the Camry’s speedometer was stuck at 68 miles per hour. Tate said he failed to remember the crash, while a state trooper said that the car was doing more than 30 mph more than the listed speed limit.

In the state of Florida, a St Lucie DUI manslaughter attorney like Jeffrey Garland knows that blood tests are sometimes ruled inadmissible due to unreliability. In addition, the reconstruction of the accident may find some flaw in the charges offered or the accused may be the victim of an illegal search. In some cases, their right to a speedy trial may have been violated.

With more than three decades of experience in defending a wide variety of driving offenses such as DUI’s, BUI’s and DWL’s, Jeffrey Garland is a Saint Lucie DUI defense lawyer well versed in determining if any such improprieties have taken place and making sure the rights of the accused are properly represented.

So if you or someone you know has been charged with such crimes, make sure to call St. Lucie DUI manslaughter attorney Jeffrey Garland. That’s because not having access to his skilled legal advice as a Saint Lucie DUI defense lawyer can often result in severe penalties to individuals in desperate need of highly-skilled representation.