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Sheriffs Deputy Arrested on Drug Charges in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce Drug Crime Lawyer: Case Study
Importance of A Good Attorney

Anyone who faces drug charges needs to contact an experienced Fort Pierce drug crime lawyer right away. If you do not contact an experienced lawyer, you could find yourself in much more legal trouble. You could face higher fines and more time behind bars. However, an expert attorney can have your charges greatly reduced or even dropped.

Some people don’t think they can’t afford a good lawyer, but the cost of not having one could be much higher. If you are charged with drug possession, you can lose much more than your freedom. After being released from incarceration, many people find it difficult to get a job with a drug crime on their record. For this reason, the benefit of an experienced legal representative cannot be overstated. There are often cases in the news that demonstrate how complex drugs laws can be. The following story is just one example.

Sherrif’s Deputy Arrested

A Sherriff’s deputy from Fort Pierce was recently charged with drug possession. Deputy Heather Tucker, who is 27 years old, was charged with possession of no more than 20 grams of marijuana. The deputy was also charged with intent to sell. The marijuana was found during the execution of a search warrant. Deputy Tucker was released on bail and placed on unpaid administrative leave. Soon after her release, Deputy Tucker was arrested again. This time, it was for associating with a known criminal. Tucker met the individual at a bar. She stated that she had no prior knowledge that the person she was associating with was a known criminal.

Jeffrey H. Garland

Jeffery Garland is a highly experienced Fort Pierce drug crime lawyer. He has successfully handled many cases similar to the one in the story. It’s common for those who are arrested on drug charges to hire a lawyer who does not specialize in drug cases. While this might provide a decent defense, drug laws can get very complex. These general practice lawyers often do not understand all of the complexities involved. As a result, they simply cannot provide the same quality defense as one who specializes in drug cases. When your future is on the line, you deserve the best possible defense. You simply cannot afford to take chances.

It is unfortunate that the authorities will sometimes cut corners while pursuing a drug case. Jeffery Garland is highly experienced in dealing with illegal search and seizures, wiretapping and so-called confidential informants. If questionable tactics have been used by the authorities, Jeffery Garland will use that to your advantage to form a solid defense.

If you or someone you know is facing legal issues similar to the one listed in our case study, contact the law offices of Jeffery Garland at 772.489.2200.