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St. Lucie County Sheriff Makes Arrest in Alleged 2017 Rape

Port Saint Lucie sexual battery defense lawyerThe St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office has announced the arrest of a man accused of committing a sexual assault in 2017. An investigation of 48-year-old John Edward Reese began in early 2018 when a woman happened upon a newspaper notice regarding the man’s January 9 arrest for allegedly violating a curfew.

Upon spotting the arrest notice, the woman contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report that she had previously been raped by Reese, and that his recent arrest and incarceration had given her the courage to come forward.

Officials from the Sheriff’s Office stated that Reese had committed multiple prior offenses, including two that occurred in Martin County and dated back to 1997. The victims in those incidents were aged 55 and 69, respectively. Following conviction, Reese was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Reese secured release on December 21 of 2014, quickly settling in St. Lucie County within days. A representative from the Sheriff’s Office stated that the latest woman to come forward with an accusation against Reese indicated that she had been victimized in 2017.

With the new accusation in hand, law enforcement officials began an investigation, ultimately securing arrest warrants. Reese was subsequently charged with two counts of sexual battery, two burglary counts and also an aggravated stalking charge.

Given the potentially devastating penalties handed down upon conviction, accusations pertaining to sexual battery or similar offenses must always be taken very seriously by defendants. From long-term incarceration to the lasting financial harm a criminal record is certain to produce, there is no time to waste in securing the most experienced and aggressive Port Saint Lucie criminal lawyer possible.

If you or a loved one are facing charges of this nature, do not delay in aligning with a Port Saint Lucie sexual battery defense lawyer you can trust to challenge the prosecution at every turn.

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