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3 Women Arrested on Prostitution Charge in Port St. Lucie

Port St Lucie Criminal AttorneyThe Importance of Obtaining the Best Possible Criminal Defense

Three women are facing prostitution charges in St. Lucie County after being caught in a police sting operation. These and other criminal defendants will require a vigorous defense if they hope to have the charges dismissed or the penalties reduced. Such individuals need the assistance of a Port St. Lucie criminal attorney.

Understanding the Workings of the Legal System

The women charged in St. Lucie County, who were respectively 26, 29 and 36 years of age, were the target of an investigative team that had collected audio and visual evidence against them. They had reportedly advertised on the Internet what was ostensibly an escort service. Also appearing on their website were photographs and contact information. Undercover deputies carried out a triple arrest at an arranged meeting site after the women offered to perform sexual acts for a fee.

Police will often make arrests and prosecutors in turn file criminal charges on the basis of assumptions about the evidence available to them. However, such evidence may not be reliable and can often be challenged by an adept Port St. Lucie criminal attorney. A lawyer may challenge the validity of the evidence itself or the manner in which it was obtained, possibly leading to a dismissal of the charges. In the event that the case goes to trial, an attorney may be able to use the evidence to convince a judge or jury of the defendant’s innocence.

The Need for a Sound Criminal Defense

Those charged with prostitution or other crimes may be innocent, but they can easily be overwhelmed by the legal system, leading to an unjust conviction. Other defendants may be forced into plea bargains and face unnecessary criminal sanctions. Jeffrey H. Garland has more than 30 years of experience as a Port St. Lucie criminal attorney. His knowledge of the legal system gives him the ability to challenge what are often erroneous assumptions made by law enforcement and prosecutorial personnel.
Every defendant is entitled to certain rights, but there is no guarantee that a criminal defense will be of the quality needed to ensure these rights. A quality defense can be guaranteed if it is provided by the Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, contact his firm at 772-489-2200.