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Five Floridians Arrested in St Lucie Drug Bust

On Thursday, May 7, police in Port St. Lucie arrested 5 people, four adults and a minor, on multiple drug-related charges. Authorities booked all suspects into the county jail or juvenile detention center, depending on age. At the time, it is unknown if any of them have spoken with a St Lucie FL drug defense lawyer.

A Port Lucie man played the main role in the bust. He sold marijuana to undercover police on two separate occasions, April 15 and 27, respectively. Then, the man allegedly set up a deal to sell the same undercover agents a quarter (¼) of a pound of marijuana on May 7. On that day, he showed up in a car with four accomplices, including the minor female. Police arrested them all and conducted a search of the vehicle, which revealed 494 grams of marijuana (in addition to the pound) and $1,000, of undeclared cash.

Charges range from the sale and possession of marijuana over 20 grams to illegal use of a communications device. Because the drug transaction included a minor, the adults face responsibility for contributing to her delinquency as well.

These are serious criminal cases that require the aid of a skilled Port St. Lucie drug defense lawyer. The seemingly true facts reported in the news are quite often not as clear as at first seen. For this reason, legal experts advise anyone under such an indictment to speak with a St Lucie FL drug defense lawyer, such as Jeffrey H. Garland, before going to trial.

An attorney can decipher the reality of what occurred during the arrest. They remain professional and unbiased by the evening news stories. Consequently, defendants receive the advice needed to make an informed decision about their future. Competent legal counsel is the right of anyone accused of a crime in Florida. It is incumbent upon those in trouble with the law to locate such help.

The offenders in the above story are in a difficult situation for sure. Yet, a drug arrest is not the end of the world. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation, contact the law office of Jeffrey H. Garland at 772-489-2200 or 772-489-0610 as soon as possible.