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Two Fort Pierce Residents Arrested On Drug Related Charges

Two people in St. Lucie County were arrested after a home was searched and sheriff’s investigators found a loaded handgun and drugs inside of it. Eighteen-year old Angel Lupe Ellis was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors and nine felonies. Officers found several types of prescription pills, including oxycodone. They also found MDMA, marijuana and a revolver.

Ellis’s nickname is Chill. According to the affidavit, he is also a gang member. Nineteen year-old Briana Hamdalla is also facing two misdemeanor drug-related charges. Officers found marijuana in her bedroom. She stated that the marijuana belonged to her. The officers also found marijuana in Hamdalla’s purchase.

Drug crimes are very serious in the United States. People who are caught with drugs could face jail time. People who sell drugs could face even more serious consequences. Even if a person is not using drugs, they could still be arrested if they are with someone who is using drugs. For example, when police officers pull someone over and find drugs in their car, then everyone in the car will probably be arrested.

However, Florida law has stated that simply being in the presence of drugs does not make a person guilty. In order for a person to be found guilty of drug possession, the state has to prove that the person knew that the drugs were present. The state also has to prove that the person had the ability to control the drugs.

The people in the aforementioned story will likely spend a long time in jail if they do not have an attorney. That is why it is a good idea to contact a Fort Pierce drug lawyer if you are facing drug charges. Drug charges can be very complicated. Fortunately, an experienced attorney understands the drug laws and how they apply to your case. Your attorney will also use the best defenses possible to get the drug charges dropped.

Jeffrey H. Garland is a Fort Pierce Florida drug lawyer who has had several years of experience. He works hard to fight the drug charges. His goal is to help people get the best outcome possible.