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St. Lucie Woman Arrested For Beating Drunk Husband

A man was beaten by his wife and called the police. When the police arrived on the scene, they found the man outside smoking a cigarette. He had bloody eyes and was unsteady on his feet.

The woman said that her husband had just gotten out of rehab for an alcohol addiction. She also said that she found him drinking vodka. The husband started to call his wife many rude names when she had confronted him about his drinking. She then slapped him in the face several times. The wife was arrested and has been charged with battery.

Domestic violence is a very serious matter. Many people have died because of injuries they have suffered in an abusive relationship. However, many people who have been arrested for domestic violence have not done anything wrong. In fact, some people are arrested even when there is no evidence that domestic violence has even occurred. The victim did not have any physical signs of abuse, such as bruises and black eyes.

There have been people who were arrested for domestic violence simply because they tried to stop their partner from doing something that would harm them. For example, there have been cases of people being arrested for domestic violence because they attempted to stop their partner from driving drunk. There was also a case where a husband was arrested because he tried to stop his wife, who was suffering from bipolar disorder, from cutting herself.

A domestic violence charge can ruin a person’s life. People who have a domestic violence charge may no longer have the right to bear arms. They may also spend a long time in jail or be put on probation because of domestic violence. That is why it is essential for you to contact a St. Lucie domestic violence lawyer if you have been accused of domestic violence.

You will need to call a lawyer as soon as you can. The outcome of your case will be a lot better if you have a lawyer. An attorney can help you put this case behind you so that you will be able to move forward with your life.