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Police Arrest Florida Woman Naked in Mercedes

Indian River County DUI arrestWhen a law enforcement deputy heard screams coming from an Indian River County residence, he wasn’t expecting to see a completely naked woman driving a Mercedes-Benz. The woman started her vehicle, headed down the driveway and took to the open road. Now, the woman faces an Indian River County DUI arrest and other charges.

Law enforcement officers say that the woman resisted arrest by spitting on an officer. They say that she also had alcohol in the vehicle. Officers transported the woman to an arrest booking facility. They say that she performed poorly on field sobriety tests.

If you’re facing an Indian River County DUI arrest or other charges, our experienced Indian River County DUI attorneys can help you address the charges. Even if it seems like there may not be any way to defend your case, there may be defenses based on a lack of evidence or based on constitutional violations. When law enforcement officers perform field sobriety tests, there are rules that they must follow in order to make sure that the tests are appropriate. An experienced Indian River criminal defense attorney can help you examine every aspect of law enforcement actions in the case against you.

A DUI arrest can come with unanticipated consequences. You might lose your license. There may be consequences for your immigration status. When you have charges, knowing all of the potential penalties that can result from a conviction can help you address the charges in the best possible way. Your objective may be to minimize jail time and consequences to your employment. On the other hand, it might be beneficial to you to resolve your charges as quickly as possible. When you work with an experienced Indian River County criminal defense lawyer, you can defend against the charges in the best way possible considering your objectives.

Indian River County DUI Arrest

There are many defenses to consider in a DUI case. Even though people are arrested for DUI every day in Florida, there are still technical aspects to a DUI investigation where law enforcement can make critical errors. A skilled attorney can help you determine what to look for you as you evaluate the charges against you. You may assert every plausible defense to your claim. Defending yourself aggressively is your constitutional right. Working with an experienced attorney can give you every opportunity to present a strong defense to the charges against you.

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