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Two St. Lucie Women Arrested For Battery

Two sisters are facing assault and burglary charges after a road rage incident. The incident was reported by 35 year-old Lashonda Barnes. She noticed a vehicle was driving erratically and had honked the horn. She had slowed down to stop it. That was when the two sisters pulled up next to her, got out of the car and started shouting profanities at her. Barnes stated that the women used racial slurs and told her that she needed to go back to the fields where she belonged.

The women, who have been identified as Paige and Jena Legrone, started to beat Lashonda while she was still in her seat belt. Lashonda also stated that one of the sisters jumped on the car and kicked in her windshield. According to the police report, the woman jumped into the windshield feet first. Lashonda’s shirt was torn in the incident, and she had some bruising as well as other minor injuries.

The officers noted that Jena Legrone had used racial slurs. After Lashonda had identified the two women responsible, they were taken into custody. The sisters are facing several charges. They are facing assault, criminal mischief and battery with burglary charges.

Assault and battery is an extremely common occurrence in today’ society. Even though many people who attack others get the punishment they really deserve, people often get punished for a crime that they did not commit because they were falsely accused. In fact, some people have been arrested for battery despite the fact that there has not been any evidence of an assault taking place.

Many people have been forced to spend time in jail due to false battery charges. They have also had their reputations tarnished forever. That is why it is important for you to contact a St Lucie battery defense lawyer if you have been falsely accused of assault and battery.

Your attorney will review your case and do everything in his power to clear your name. They will fight hard until the end to make sure that the false charges against you are dropped. If the case happens to get taken to court, the attorney will also be able to represent you in court.