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Mother Arrested For Child Abusing After Slamming Car Brakes

A Port St. Lucie mother was arrested for felony child abuse after intentionally slamming on her brakes in an attempt to get two of her children to stop fighting.

The Unfolding Case

Lorena Sullivan Simpson was driving with her 12-year-old daughter in the front seat. In the back seat were her nine-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter, who were arguing with each other.

When Sullivan Simpson slammed on the brakes, the sudden stop caused her non-seat belt-wearing daughter in the front seat to hit her head, cracking the windshield. Police say her daughter complained of a headache and dizziness, but that the mother didn’t seek medical attention.

Sullivan Simpson said that she was going approximately 10 miles per hour down the street from her residence, and that the daughter said nothing about the headache and dizziness.

Three days after the accident, officials from the Department of Children and Families came to her house, where the daughter then noted the physical issues. That resulted in the mother’s arrest.

Arresting Then Investigating

In cases of domestic violence, the trend has been arrests for battery come before any investigation. Prosecutors then use that original report as the basis for their efforts to convict.

Making Something From Nothing

In some instances, such arrests are part of strategy related to vengeful motives for divorce or custody cases involving a couple, where domestic violence injunctions can be issued for a certain stretch of time or indefinitely. Other cases can result from alcohol intoxication or drug abuse, while some may stem from lingering mental health issues.

Regardless of the scenario, such battery cases can be blown out of proportion to what actually took place. The arrest results in individuals spending time in jail with a potential conviction hanging over their head. Perhaps more importantly, any injunction in this matter can take away a person’s Second Amendment rights.

The Name to Know

Jeffrey Garland is a Saint Lucie domestic violence lawyer with extensive experience in cases like these. He knows that his client’s interests come first and will fight passionately to see that they’re protected.

So when you or someone you know is the victim of unjust prosecution in such matters, make sure you get in touch with Saint Lucie criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey Garland. He can be reached at 772-489-2200, so don’t waste another minute!