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St. Lucie Sexual Misconduct Lawyer

High School Teacher Arrested for Inappropriate Relationship With Student

A Port St. Lucie High School coach and guidance counselor was arrested on April 21 for an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old female student. The Sherriff’s Office reported learning of the incident from the student’s mother and interviewed the teacher at the school before the arrest.The student told police that both she and the teacher often went to West Palm Beach together so that they could be alone and unseen. She said that both of them were worried about “getting caught” and that they knew it was wrong, but “couldn’t help their feelings for each other.”Sheriff Mascara reported that the girl and teacher had been involved for about a month and that the police investigation began on Friday after reports by the School Resource Deputy and the girl’s mother. The teacher was not given a harsher charge because the investigation did not indicate sexual involvement between the woman and the girl, and neither one admitted to sexual acts “as defined by Florida law.” Therefore, Mark Weinberg, Public Information Officer, said that the charge of custodial interference was appropriate.

A charge of inappropriate behavior with a minor is serious in any state, and the laws that govern such behavior vary from state to state. Inappropriate behavior indicates sexual misconduct on the part of the adult. If you or someone you know has been in a similar legal situation or charged with any aspect of sexual misconduct, contact our law firm in St. Lucie. Our lawyers have years of experience with these kinds of cases that require a thorough understanding of the laws that apply.

If you feel that the charge against you is false or misleading, call us for a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of your case. We can promise a thorough investigation of the charges and the circumstances. Everyone is entitled to a fair, honest, and thorough investigation of any sexual misconduct charges. That is what we can promise you, and that is what we can deliver. Call us today to begin an investigation and begin to get your life back in order. We can help.