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St. Lucie Sexual Misconduct Attorney

St. Lucie Man Arrested For Lewd Behavior on I-95

Distracted driving occurs in many forms. A St. Lucie, Florida man was recently arrested by the Florida state police for masterbating while driving down I-95. The individual, 22 year-old Cory Evans, was reported by a truck driver on a 911 call after Evans reportedly was driving in a manner that maintained visibility for the driver of the semi-tractor trailer rig.Upon being stopped and questioned by the Florida state police, Evans claimed that the truck driver was incorrect. According to the truck driver, Evans was completely nude at the time of the “sighting,” and was purposely speeding up and slowing down to continue contact with the big-rig operator. Evans told the investigating officer that he was on his was back to school in Boca Raton at the time of the call.The arrest report did not verify all information, but it did say that the “victim” stated “the driver seemed to be enticing him and harassing him” during the incident on the open highway. The reporting truck driver continued to talk to dispatchers during the incident and was apparently still watching. The police, however, did not directly observe the accused assailant, who apparently was clothed at the time of the police investigation. The arrest and charge was still made based on the testimony of the truck driver, even though Evans denied the charge.This case is possibly a prime example of responsive road rage by the truck driver, as officers have no way of knowing what actually transpired. One thing is clear: Evans will need an experienced St Lucie sexual misconduct attorney like Jeffrey H. Garland to defend this case in court. One of the problems with cases like this is that officers normally must actually see the crime occur or have provable corroborating evidence to support the charge. In order for this charge to be valid, the reporting individual should appear in court and testify as to what was seen and consistently reported to the police.

Anyone who finds themselves in a situation such as this should always retain a criminal defense attorney like Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A., of Ft. Pierce, Florida. Because of the impact that a conviction like this can have on an individual’s future, it is necessary to have a professional representative who is willing to take a case to trial for a proper adjudication. Mr. Garland is also a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer who is known for providing effective and comprehensive legal representation. Although classified as a misdemeanor, some convictions carry more social weight than others and a strong criminal defense is necessary.