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Port St. Lucie Sexual Misconduct Lawyer

Elementary School Teacher Accused of Sex With a Minor

Quotaysha Jones, a fifth grade teacher at an elementary school located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, recently appeared before a judge, accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a teenager.

Local authorities involved in the case have access to surveillance of visits between the teacher and the alleged minor victim, who is in juvenile custody, during which activities involving sexual misconduct are discussed. The seventeen-year-old indicated that his relationship with Jones was of a sexual nature several times during these recordings. When interviewed by police, Jones called their relationship platonic, despite what was allegedly heard on tape, which would fall into the legal arena covered by a Port St Lucie sexual misconduct lawyer.

The school intends to bar her from the classroom and a substitute will teach her classes; however, pending a determination of guilt or action from the school board, Jones will remain on the school payroll. In the meantime, the Mariposa Elementary School teacher was ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim.

Local parents want the school to fire Jones, indicating that they believe her professional judgment is questionable, although no one has alleged any wrongdoing with her own fifth-grade students. By contrast, the teen allegedly involved with Jones did not wish for Jones to be arrested. He is currently unwilling to assist authorities with her prosecution.

The judge hearing the case indicated that the evidence against Jones was quite strong. Accordingly, her bond was set at $5,000, indicating a need for an experienced Port St Lucie sexual misconduct lawyer. When approached by local media, Jones declined to comment or to be interviewed. Mariposa Elementary School authorities have also denied requests for comment.

In cases like this one, it is important to choose a Port St. Lucie sexual misconduct lawyer who has experience defending clients from accusations involving this segment of the law. A criminal lawyer well-versed in sexual misconduct law and who has handled many other such cases will know more potential avenues of inquiry, such as DNA, alibi, and consent, that may prove fruitful areas of investigation to mount a successful defense.

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