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Port St. Lucie Man Forces Woman Into Car at Gunpoint

Port Saint Lucie Aggravated Assault AttorneyA forty-two year old Port Saint Lucie man was arrested Sunday on the charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping. The man reportedly sent texts to the alleged victims the day before the incident. When he showed up at her house the next day, she began recording. According to officials, the man said he wanted to take the woman, the alleged victim, to the house of a mutual acquaintance of theirs in Miami. When she refused, he pointed a gun at her.

They later arrived at the house only to find that the person was not there. The man then drove back to the woman’s house and warned her that he would be watching. The woman called the police the next day, and the man was soon after taken into custody. He is currently out on bail.

Such an incident would be dangerous, frightening, and harrowing for anyone. Although you may not expect to be kidnapped at gunpoint, it can happen. But that is not something that anyone should stand for in a civilized society. You have the right to walk, play, enjoy, socialize, and recreate yourself without the threat of aggravated assault.

No one deserves that sort of treatment. If it has happened to you, then you should contact a Port Saint Lucie aggravated assault laywer. Anyone who has committed such an act of violence against you is liable for civil damages. To be taken by force and held against your will amounts to a serious damage against your person. You have the right to sue the person who did it to you.

A Port Saint Lucie aggravated assault attorney can provide you with the help and assistance you need to win your case. Violent predators should not be allowed to walk the streets unscathed. Regardless of whether the person has been convicted in a criminal court, they can still be made to answer to you in civil proceedings.

In such a case, it is good to have sound evidence against the person who has committed the act, as the woman in the above story had. But even if you are not as prepared as she obviously was it is the job of a Port Saint Lucie aggravated assault attorney to gather the evidence, examine it, and employ other facts and the relevant parts of the law to prove your claims.

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