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Four People In Need of an Okeechobee County Drug Lawyer

Drug Posession Criminal Lawyer in Okeechobee County

Four people were recently arrested in Okeechobee County for possession of methamphetamine. Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene after one of those arrested was seen with a syringe in her arm. Deputies promptly pulled over and arrested two people in a gold Jeep liberty. Upon searching the vehicle, deputies found loaded syringes, a bag containing a small amount of methamphetamine, several pill bottles and a glass pipe. These people are being charged with multiple counts of drug possession and tampering with evidence. A serious situation, but not one outside the skills of Okeechobee County drug lawyer Jeffery H. Garland. With extensive experience at both the state and federal levels, he is ready to help you with drug, possession or trafficking charge. Possession of drugs is a complicated matter, and one well understood by drug possession lawyer Jeffery H. Garland. Nowhere else in Okeechobee County will you find someone as well prepared to defend you in your drug case as Jeffery H. Garland.

Two more people were arrested for drug charges as well. One person was engaged in an altercation that forced police to respond, after which she admitted to having a pipe and needle in her purse. She was immediately arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. The Okeechobee County Sherriff’s office also arrested another man on a federal arrest warrant where he is charged with conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute more than 50 grams of methamphetamine. This man was held without bond, and has a very serious case. However, Okeechobee County drug lawyer Jeffery H. Garland is qualified to handle it. Specifically operating as a drug possession criminal lawyer, he will provide the best defense possible. Whether the charge is relatively minor, at the state or municipal level, or very severe, at the federal level, criminal drug possession lawyer Jeffery H. Garland is equipped to deal with the case and secure your innocence. If you or someone you know has ever been in a similar legal situation to those above, contact Jeffery H. Garland at (772)489-2200 or visit his website at http://www.treasurecoastlawyer.com