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Former Deputy Arrested of DUI Needs a Fort Pierce DUI Lawyer

Former Deputy Arrested in DUI

In a recently reported story of an event that took place back in August, a deputy sheriff of Indian River County was arrested for driving under the influence. Don W. Robinson, while off duty, crashed his pick-up truck into some bushes off of U.S. Route 1. The incident happened on August 28. There were no other vehicles involved, and Robinson was alone in the truck. When an officer arrived on the scene, Robinson was not inside his truck. His was transported to a hospital where he was checked for injuries, and while at the hospital, his blood alcohol level was checked.

He was not arrested at the time, but there was an investigation into the incident. The investigation was able to uncover his blood alcohol level by using a subpoena, and on October 21, an arrest warrant was issued. He gave himself up the same day but resigned his position as deputy sheriff. The sheriff made the statement that he would have been fired if he had not resigned his position as deputy.

There are a few important lessons to be learned from this incident. The first is that there are serious consequences from an incident involving a DUI even when no other vehicles are involved. The second is that even when no arrest is made at the time of the incident, warrants can be issued at a later time. Another important lesson to learn is that the consequences can be much more than a fine and higher insurance rates. The man in the story above lost his job over the incident and he was a deputy sheriff.

A last lesson is that anyone that is suspected of a DUI needs the help of an attorney. It is not stated in the news reports whether the deputy had an attorney, but investigators needed a subpoena to get the blood alcohol test results from the hospital. This is a strong indication that he did have an attorney. If you find yourself in a situation of being arrested or involved in an incident involving alcohol, then you will need a Fort Pierce DUI Lawyer as well.

The Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland is there to help you with any criminal charges involving DUI. They have extensive experience in this area and can help protect your rights and mitigate the effects of a DUI conviction in your life. If you, a friend or relative has been in a similar situation as the deputy officer, contact the Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland immediately.