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Okeechobee Battery Lawyer

Father Who Believed Son Was Possessed by Demon Arrested for Battery

No longer does law enforcement assume fault when they arrive at the scene. For instance, when called to a home for domestic violence 20 or30 years ago, the man was arrested 95 percent of the time. Criminal battery was likely charged as a misdemeanor, very rarely a felony. Today, police arrest all who are involved and let the courts sort it out, so if you or someone you know is involved, an Okeechobee Battery Lawyer should be contacted immediately.

Battery is defined as a criminal offense that involves unlawful physical contact and the use of force inflicted upon another, which is harmful, offensive or unwanted sexually. Depending on the circumstances, criminal battery can be a misdemeanor or a felony.

On January 23, 2014 in Okeechobee County, Bryan Adams was arrested for child abuse on his 11 year old son. The child’s mother reported that Adams had been yelling at his son saying he “was possessed by the demon and it had to come out!” He yelled that “the boy knows what must be done about it.” The police had trouble finding Adams at first because he had taken the boy, clothed only in pajamas and t-shirt, into the Florida woods to get the demon out. They followed Adams and when they went to arrest him, he resisted and ran deeper into the woods. With a K-9 officer, they caught up with him, and he violently resisted arrest, so they had to Taser him.

His estranged wife told police that she had left him because of his meth addiction and serious drug abuse, and she also said that he often thought he was seeing demons. Adams told authorities going into jail that he had taken some meth earlier that day. The son had only a slight injury to his heel from the abduction, but it is evident that he has suffered from emotional and mental abuse being called a demon.

Adams was charged with child abuse and resisting arrest and aggravated battery on the law enforcement officer. His drug abuse had driven him to the place where he was convinced that his son was possessed by a demon, and he was going to harm while under the influence of drugs. A criminal battery lawyer is prepared with the skills to appropriate these offenses.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a criminal battery situation like this in south Florida, contact a professional and experienced Okeechobee Battery Lawyer immediately to discuss the details of your case and the rights you have in the state of Florida.