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2500 Rhode Island Ave, Suite B, Fort Pierce, FL 34947
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2500 Rhode Island Avenue
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Mother Arrested for Child Abuse in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce Battery Lawyer to Protect You

Police arrested Amber Gates, a Fort Pierce woman, for child cruelty without causing great harm. What brought about the charge: allegations by Gates’s 15-year-old son that she punched him in the mouth while he was watching pornography on her cell phone. Gates contends that she intended to slap his shoulder, but her hand slipped and hit his mouth. Gates was released from jail on $3,750 bond.

Criminal battery cases, like the one involving Amber Gates, can devastate one’s reputation, especially when law enforcement seeks to “arrest first, and discover the facts later”, if at all. As a result, battery arrests are made with weak evidence, unsubstantiated accusations, or no independent evidence of a crime. Understanding this, people will use allegations of battery in domestic violence to gain advantage in divorce and custody cases, retaliation, or, in the case of Ms. Gates, allege criminal battery to avoid discipline. Further, prosecutors often use police reports to advance their case, without independently investigating the facts.

Because battery arrests can be made with weak , or even no evidence of wrongdoing, it is imperative to have competent criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and reputation. Jeffrey Garland is a Fort Pierce Child Abuse Attorney with the experience and savvy to handle the most complex and contentious battery cases. A Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, Garland has provided the highest level of representation for clients since 1981. Scientifically trained, Garland has the enhanced ability to work with qualified experts and challenge erroneous assumptions proposed by law enforcement. Jeffrey Garland is a man that will not accept evidence until it has been examined and tested. His experience, expertise, and attention to detail has enabled him to throw out evidence that would have convicted a person of manslaughter based on another person testing “positive” for marijuana, a murder conviction that based the water temperature where a body was found based on a turkey thermometer, and a conviction based on a test that could not decipher the difference between methamphetamine, an illegal drug, from levo-methampetamine, a drug that is not.

Do not let unsubstantiated allegations of battery take away your rights. Watch out for Fort Pierce Unjust Battery Lawyers who will use unsubstantiated allegations to their advantage. Hire a Fort Pierce Battery Attorney who can protect you. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact our firm at (772) 489-2200.