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St Lucie Woman Arrested after Driving into Daycare

On Feb. 3, 2015, Fort Pierce authorities reported that they took the driver of a vehicle into custody after she allegedly drove her vehicle into a daycare center. The 32-year-old woman received a ticket for driving with a license. They related that she was driving north on a local road when she hit a mailbox and then clipped a parked vehicle. She drove across a road divider, crashed through a fence and then into the daycare facility. No one was injured in the incident.

Authorities reported that her out-of-state driver’s license was permanently revoked due to a medical condition, which reportedly resulted in the accident. After her arrest, she was freed on a $375.00 bond. It was unclear if she had retained the services of a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer.

A conviction for driving while impaired in Florida can mean serious consequences, including time in custody, community supervision, the loss of license, work-order hours, high fees and more. At Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A., we have a track record of handling many types of driving offenses, including cases of driving while impaired.

Our law firm has the knowledge to diligently defend these cases. We accomplish this goal by ensuring that the state meets their burden of proof and challenging evidence in the case, such as breath or blood testing or even the credibility of witnesses. Our St Lucie Driving violations attorney might allege that the state conducted an unreasonable search or find another explanation after accident reconstruction.

A driver license is especially important in Florida because of the lack of public transportation. Mr. Garland realizes this and will develop a case strategy to protect you. He will put his experience in handling these types of cases to work for you. For further information and sample cases, please review the “Articles” and “Cases” sections of our website.

St Lucie Driving violations attorney

If you or a loved one has received a ticket for driving while impaired or been in an accident and charged with drinking and driving, you will need dedicated legal representation to protect your rights. Our Fort Pierce criminal lawyer looks forward to discussing options in your case. Call our firm for help today!