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Legal Assistance for Those Charged With Arms Trafficking

Saint Lucie Firearm Offense LawyerA suspect who was considered to be one of the top runners of guns to Brazil has finally been found. The 46-year-old resident of Port Saint Lucie has been charged with the smuggling of weapons and, if convicted, could face a lengthy prison term and a sizable fine. He could definitely benefit from the services of a Saint Lucie criminal defense lawyer. This type of assistance is available from the Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland.

According to a representative of the U.S. Attorney’s office, the suspect had purchased weapons in South Florida, removing their serial numbers before having them shipped overseas. In one such shipment, 60 automatic rifles were sent to Rio de Janeiro in packages that ostensibly contained pool heaters. The suspect had ever since been sought by Brazilian authorities, who were joined in the hunt by the U.S. government.

International gunrunning, which is officially known as arms trafficking, is a federal crime in the United States and is thus investigated and prosecuted by federal authorities. Accordingly, the suspect in this case has been indicted on federal charges related to the illegal transporting of the weapons and their accessories, and of ammunition that was also part of the shipment.

Although cases such as this one may seem obvious, a conviction should not always be taken for granted. Law enforcement personnel may not always employ the proper procedures in carrying out an arrest, including the manner by which evidence is seized, and the case may contain facts that preclude a successful prosecution. A Saint Lucie firearm offense lawyer will closely examine the facts to determine whether a case is valid and whether the rights of the defendant were violated. An attorney will serve as both an adviser and an advocate throughout the legal process, if necessary arguing the case in court.

Accused arms traffickers who are up against the federal government need assistance from a Saint Lucie firearm offense lawyer to ensure the best possible outcome of every case. This is why those who are themselves or who know others who are facing the same or similar charges should consider contacting the Law Firm of Jeffrey H. Garland at 772-489-2200.