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2500 Rhode Island Ave, Suite B, Fort Pierce, FL 34947
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Fort Pierce Cops Catch Serial Car Theif

Port Saint Lucie Vehicle Theft Attorney A string of auto thefts has just come to a close as Fort Pierce police finally arrested someone for the crime and brought him into custody. He is now in jail on a bail of more than $50,000. According to sources, the gentlemen allegedly stole a luxury car and several other vehicles over a period of about five weeks. He also reportedly seized and removed some valuable items from the vehicles such as a woman’s purse, computers, sports equipment and the like. Police searched the accused person’s home in late April after the judge signed an arrest warrant. They found many of the items that had been reported as stolen from the vehicle.

The young man who allegedly committed these crimes is going to need the services of the Port Saint Lucie vehicle theft attorney. He is facing several charges including some for grand theft auto, burglary, petit theft and the like. The charges were enough to increase his bail amount to more than $50,000, so he’s looking at some pretty serious accusations. He will need a car theft attorney that has experience with these types of cases and has seen quite a few wins in his day.

Just one grand theft auto offense could land this person in jail for up to five years. However, he could get additional time if he is proven as a habitual offender. In that case, he can get 10 years for each case of grand theft auto if he’s convicted, and then he can face time for the additional charges, as well. That’s why he needs a Port Saint Lucie vehicle theft attorney by his side. The attorney’s main goal will be to have a judge set him free and not convicted of the crime, but an attorney can still help even if the case does not end in his favor. He may be able to get a lesser sentence or a combined sentence instead of having to spend many years behind bars.

Port Saint Lucie Vehicle Theft Attorney Jeffrey Garland

If you or someone you know is facing charges of grand theft auto or related charges, you can contact Saint Lucie County criminal attorney Jeffrey Garland and request a consultation about representation. Mr. Garland has been protecting accused persons for many years, and he specializes in a variety of law areas such as this one. He covers internet crimes, DUI, domestic violence issues and other accusations. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and dial 772-489-2200.