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Florida Man Arrested for DUI Tells Police He Was Only Drinking at Stop Signs

Indian River County DUI Defense LawyerA Vero Beach man who claimed that he only drank when his vehicle was not moving was recently taken into custody by local police authorities and charged with driving while under the influence. He and anyone facing DUI charges will need the services of an Indian River County DUI defense lawyer. This type of assistance is available from the Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland.

The Vero Beach motorist was stopped after a woman reported that he had repeatedly bumped into her car. Smelling of alcohol and seated next to a bottle of bourbon, he did not deny that he had been drinking. However, he claimed to only be taking sips while halted at stop signs or lights, and thus not actually “drinking while driving.” His blood alcohol level was found to be nearly twice that allowed under Florida law. In addition to DUI, he was charged with driving without a license.

Motorists who are stopped in Florida on suspicion of DUI are required to be tested for alcohol consumption. Those who refuse breath of other tests will face automatic suspension of their driving privileges. A first-time DUI conviction can result in a number of disciplinary measures, including up to six months in jail, a fine of up to $1,000 and a requirement to provide community service. Subsequent convictions can result in even harsher penalties. These are reasons enough for those charged with DUI to seek help from an Indian River County criminal defense lawyer.

Although the case involving the “not drinking while driving” motorist would seem clear-cut, DUI charges are usually not so obvious and in some cases may not even be valid. An Indian River County DUI defense lawyer understands the law and the workings of the criminal justice system and will do what is necessary to protect the rights of everyone so charged. A lawyer may challenge the validity of an alcohol breath test or even question the justification of stopping the motorist in the first place. Attorneys may have their clients accept responsibility for lesser crimes in order to reduce the penalties, but they are also prepared to take cases to court.

Indian River County DUI Defense Lawyer

It requires proper legal representation to ensure the best possible outcome in every DUI case. This is why those charged with DUI or other offenses should consider contacting the Law Firm of Jeffrey H. Garland at 772-489-2200.