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Deputies Say Vero Beach Man Used Popular Video Game Platforms to Target Children

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Police in Indian River County, Florida recently concluded an investigation on child pornography that had gone on for many months. When it concluded, they arrested a young man in Vero Beach on August 16, 2019 after deputies discovered he had used video games to target young children.

The man, who was celebrating his 18th birthday on the day of his arrest, was taken into custody on an affidavit and was charged with 26 counts of child pornography, according to the police’s arrest records. One of the games he used was Roblox, a popular online multiplayer game. He forced children who were only 10 years old to send him nude photos for coins in the game, according to a detective from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the detectives, the investigation dates back to June and involved the man’s ability to obtain nude photos of young children. However, the investigation itself began on May 29, 2019 after police in Pearland, Texas answered a call from a teen aged 13 who was coerced into sending a video of himself in the shower through the online messaging platform Discord, which is popular within gaming communities.

The Pearland detectives were able to trace the man’s email address and phone number through Discord. From there, they got in touch with the Indian River County police where detectives there took over the investigation.

It was discovered that the young man targeted children between 10 and 12 years old, according to an interview conducted by the police. He also admitted to targeting children through the popular game Fortnite to chat with kids.

Afterward, the detective took possession of the man’s computer and smartphone to use as evidence. They later found 14 photos and videos of nude children.

The detective stated that he had gotten a few complaints in the area regarding children being targeted by pedophiles through online gaming platforms. He explained that this type of activity is becoming more and more common as the platforms gain popularity and said that parents have to be aware of their kids’ vulnerability when they go online and play games with strangers.

The man received 14 charges of child pornography, including possession on his computer, according to the arrest affidavit. The detectives believe they may hand down further charges as they continue to search his computer, smartphone and other devices.

Indian River Arrest Criminal Arrest Lawyer Jeffrey H. Garland

Child pornography charges are always among the most serious. As a result, if you are arrested and charged with such crimes in Florida, you need the assistance of an experienced Indian River arrest criminal arrest lawyer. Contact the Indian River Criminal attorney Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at your earliest convenience at 777-489-2200 to discuss your case with an Indian River arrest criminal arrest lawyer.

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