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VOP Warrant Dismissed / Megabucks Saved

Fort Pierce Violation of Probation

Help from a Fort Pierce Violation of Probation Lawyer

Ajay Temple (not his real name) was on 10 years sex offender probation in St. Lucie County.  With just a few months to go the Probation Officer told Ajay he owed an extra $19,570.15.  He offered to let Ajay make monthly payments of $2,817.18 per month. Thanks, but no thanks, said Ajay.  Instead, he retained Fort Pierce violation of probation attorney Jeffrey Garland.

Garland’s investigation established that Ajay had an original “total obligation” of $20,572.95 on 8/28/12.  The Probation Officer presented paperwork to Ajay on 3/5/21 which raised that “total obligation” to $45,158.73.  Ajay was threatened with a VOP and prison if he did not pay the entire amount.

Ajay was, in fact, charged with a VOP just before his probation was to end.  Garland moved to dismiss the violation on the basis that Ajay had paid all that he was obligated to pay.  In any event, Garland maintained that Ajay was not in willful and intentional violation because he had, in fact, paid all that he was scheduled to pay.

The VOP was dismissed on 12/21/21.  Ajay has now successfully completed his probation, avoided either prison or an extension of probation, and saved some $20,572.95.

The moral to this story is for all probationers to keep good records of what they are supposed to do.  In addition, all probationers should keep a careful record of all payments to DOC. As can be seen there are times when DOC seems to change these obligations willy nilly.  It is as important to hold DOC accountable as it is for DOC to hold probationers accountable.  It should be a 2 lane highway with the obligations running each way.

Hiring a Fort Pierce Violation of Probation Lawyer

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