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St. Lucie Man Arrested for Human Trafficking

Saint Lucie Human Trafficking AttorneyA man has been arrested in Port St. Lucie and has been charged with human trafficking. The arrest and charges occurred after the man promised to assist a person he believed was a 16-year old girl make money as a prostitute and stripper. The arrested man promised the person he thought to be a teenager that he would stay at her side forever.

In fact, the individual the man arrested by law enforcement thought was a teenage girl was an undercover Martin county sheriff’s deputy. Upon arresting the man, the Martin county Sheriff described human trafficking as modern day slavery.

The man first came to the attention of law enforcement a few months prior to his arrest when they received word he was trying to solicit young women to work at a strip club where he worked as a bouncer. According to law enforcement, he attempted to persuade young women to work as strippers at the club and to provide sexual favors to patrons of the establishment. He told the women he would provide them with protection, if they paid him 20 percent of money they earned from providing sexual favors for patrons of the strip club.

After his arrest, the accused man maintained his innocence. In fact, his mother appeared at his first court proceeding, claiming her son had committed no crime and was just trying to help out who he believed was a 16-year old girl in trouble.

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