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Saint Lucie Drug Defense Attorney

Saint Lucie Drug Defense Attorney
While Washington State and Colorado have legalized marijuana, the federal government and 48 other states are still in offense mode against the drug most people consider basically harmless.

Acting on a Crime Stoppers tip about drug activity, Saint Lucie police reported to an apartment on S.E. Green Acres Circle. Officers obtained a search warrant after noticing a strong odor of marijuana as a woman exited the residence.

Inside the apartment, the officers found not only the drugs they sought but also drug paraphernalia. Officers reported finding one marijuana plant with root system, 11 marijuana smoking devices, a grinder containing marijuana residue and a digital scale. Police also found 12 cooked marijuana muffins as well as 12 uncooked muffins and marijuana batter in a bowl.

Petair Meristel and Nia Huddleston were taken into custody. Both Meristel and Huddleston are charged with possession of marijuana under 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia. Meristel is also charged with cultivation of marijuana. Huddleston is also charged with possession of a controlled substance without prescription.

Does this story sound familiar? Are you or someone you know facing similar charges?

If you find yourself in need of a Saint Lucie drug defense attorney in a situation like this or any marijuana-related situation, call Jeffrey H. Garland.

When you need a Saint Lucie drug defense attorney, you don’t want just any attorney who’s willing to take on a drug case from time to time. You need an attorney who regularly defends drug cases, knows Florida drug laws and will mount a skilled and aggressive defense.

Defending drug-related cases, including drug cases like the one in this story, is complicated. While some lawyers say they take drug cases, they don’t have the necessary experience with features of drug cases like challenging search and seizure techniques and dealing with wire tap warrants. They may not have a handle on the reliability, or lack thereof, of confidential informants. While they may know the basics of drug laws, not every Saint Lucie drug defense attorney knows how to defend a drug case.

Jeffrey H. Garland, a Saint Lucie drug defense attorney, has experience in all areas of drug defense at the state level in Florida and at the federal level.

Whether defending simple possession, doctor shopping or more involved drug-related cases like trafficking and grow houses, Jeffrey H. Garland is the Saint Lucie drug defense lawyer with the experience and skills to win the case.