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Port St. Lucie Police Make Arrest in Burglary Spree

Port St. Lucie Burglary Arrest AttorneyLegal Assistance for Those Facing Criminal Charges

The police investigation of a burglary spree has led to the arrest of a 39-year-old man who had been living in Spring Hill. Facing multiple charges, he will require excellent criminal defense services, the type available from a Port St. Lucie burglary arrest attorney.

Displaced by Hurricane Irma, the suspect had lived in various motels throughout St. Lucie County before he allegedly began his theft spree. The first burglary occurred in October, when he reportedly stole some $1,000 in cash from a business belonging to his father. The following month, he was suspected of taking a sound system and other items during a residential burglary. He was believed to have carried out additional burglaries later in November.

The suspect was subsequently seen selling stolen items at local pawn shops with the apparent intent of using the cash to purchase drugs. His arrest came after an investigation that included the use of a surveillance video, which recorded a vehicle that was linked to him. The suspect and a woman companion were taken into custody after a traffic stop.

Charges facing the man include four counts of burglarizing an unoccupied dwelling, three counts of grand theft and two counts of dealing in stolen property. His companion was not believed to have been involved in the burglaries. If convicted, the suspect faces fines and a lengthy period of incarceration under the harsh laws of Florida. This is why he will need the assistance of a Port St. Lucie burglary arrest attorney.

Jeffrey H. Garland is a Saint Lucie County criminal defense lawyer who has served the Treasure Coast region of Florida for more than 35 years. He understands the workings of the criminal justice system and will use his expertise to provide the best possible criminal defense strategy. He may challenge the circumstances of an arrest, the investigative tactics employed by the police or the evidence being used by the prosecution, possibly using this material to seek a dismissal of or a reduction in the charges. He may be able to arrange a plea bargain, which can reduce the penalty, but is prepared to argue the case before a jury if necessary. If you or someone you know has been charged with burglary or some other criminal offense, contact the Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland at 772-489-2200.