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Port St. Lucie Man Facing Felony Fraud Charges for Alleged Internet Scheme

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Many people view white-collar crimes as being less serious than other types of crimes, but they are treated harshly under Florida law. Many different types of offenses are considered to be white-collar crimes, ranging from thefts to major fraud schemes. When someone learns they are being investigated for a potential white-collar criminal offense, they should retain Port Saint Lucie criminal attorney Jeffrey H. Garland as early as possible.

Hiring a white-collar criminal defense attorney before you’ve been charged might help you avoid charges or an indictment being filed against you and help you resolve the matter without facing the potential of a conviction. Recently, a Port St. Lucie man was arrested and charged with fraud offenses by the Port St. Lucie Police Department. His case illustrates why it is important to get legal help quickly whenever you learn that you are the target of an investigation.

Man Arrested for Defrauding Elderly People Over the Internet

According to law enforcement authorities with the Port St. Lucie Police Department, a Port St. Lucie man was recently arrested and charged with two counts of felony fraud after he allegedly stole an estimated $80,000 from elderly people across the U.S. The detective handling the case reported that the investigation started in April 2021 after the police received a complaint from a woman in San Diego, California.

The woman reported she had been working on her computer when it suddenly froze. When a popup appeared telling her to call a number because her computer was compromised, she complied and called the number. The person who answered was allegedly the Port St. Lucie man, and he told her he represented a Port St. Lucie computer company and could fix her computer as long as she agreed to make monthly payments for the company’s security software. She agreed to do so.

A couple of months later, the woman reported she received a phone call from the same person. He told her she owed the company debt and would have to pay a large fine of almost $6,000, which she did. Several months later, the man called and told her she owed another debt of $28,000, which she also paid. The woman told the police that she paid around $37,000 to the man with her payments being paid by checks mailed to a post office box in Port St. Lucie.

The detective worked together with the Florida Attorney General’s office to investigate the case. They began by investigating the Port St. Lucie computer company’s bank account. The detective said that after they started reviewing the company’s bank records, he noticed numerous checks that were similar. The detective alleged the checks were all from elderly people across the U.S. who believed they had to send money to get their computers to start working again. Altogether, the detective stated the total of the checks sent by 25 different elderly people was around $80,000. While the detective stated that he has attempted to contact all of the alleged victims, many have not returned his calls. He believes that they don’t want to talk about what allegedly happened out of a sense of embarrassment or shame.

The detective alleges that the man used a phishing scam to coerce victims to click on a link online. He then allegedly used the access to gain access to their computers and freeze them, only agreeing to fix them after the victims paid exorbitant fees.

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White-collar criminal cases often involve thousands of pages of documents and require thorough analyses and investigation. In many cases, white-collar criminal matters can be resolved through negotiation before charges are filed. If you or someone you know is currently dealing with a similar situation. you should contact The Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at 772.489.2200.