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Pizza deliveryman shoots assailant trying to rob him at gunpoint in Fort Pierce

Port Saint Lucie Armed Robbery Defense AttorneyAt approximately 8:30 p.m. on the night of December 17, a 25-year-old Fort Pierce man was shot three times after he allegedly attempted to rob a 25-year-old Goodfella’s pizza delivery man. The wounded man was later arrested by local police and charged with armed robbery after being treated for a gunshot wound to the pelvis and two gunshot wounds to the leg.

The pizza driver was enroute to an apparent delivery in North 17th Street’s 1400 block when the incident took place. That location was near a local school at Avenue I and North 17th Street, with the driver unable to find the address given. After a call was made back to his store, the driver was instructed to return.

The alleged armed robber was then reportedly able to get the driver to stop his vehicle. Emerging from his car, the driver allegedly saw the barrel of a gun in the accused’s hand and was asked to hand over the $40 he was holding. After also being asked to give up his cellphone, the driver returned to the vehicle and took out an Airsoft weapon that shoots pellets made of plastic. After the accused was shot, police were called.

Despite firing the shots, the driver isn’t requiring the services of a Port Saint Lucie armed robbery defense attorney. That’s something that’s needed by the accused, which is why making a phone call to Saint Lucie County Criminal Lawyer Jeffrey Garland and his staff would be his best course of action.

Garland has enough experience within the legal profession to know that what circumstances that are presented within a police report and what the actual truth is don’t always coincide. Without a veteran Port Saint Lucie armed robbery defense attorney by the accused’s side, determining exactly what happened may be difficult and lead to a verdict that costs him his freedom.

Jeffrey Garland has a background in scientific aspects related to the law that offer his clients the opportunity to present direct evidence that could potentially exonerate them. Such knowledge can poke holes in what the law enforcement community believes is the truth and the actual reality of the situation.

So if you or someone you know needs a veteran Port Saint Lucie armed robbery defense attorney, make sure to contact Jeffrey Garland and his staff who bring more than three decades worth of experience to their clients. Call them at either 772-489-2200 or 772-489-0610.