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Man Cleared of Wrongdoing in Indian River County Prostitution Sting

Indian River Solicitation Defense Lawyer

A man from the Indian River County area of Florida was recently arrested in connection with a prostitution sting but saw the charge of solicitation dropped against him. The man, who had been arrested for the crime in connection to a spa involved in human trafficking, was wrongly identified by deputies from the Indian River Sheriff’s Office.

The man, who is 65 and resides in Grant, was not the individual who was captured on video at the East Spa, according to a spokesman from the Sheriff’s Office.

The spokesman said that the man turned himself in to police on Friday, February 22, 2019. This was one day after investigators announced that they had made almost 200 arrests after obtaining warrants across the country and that three spas had been shut down three days prior.

The Sheriff’s spokesman reported that the vehicle that had been driven to the spa this past winter season was registered to the man who was subsequently arrested. However, it was another man who resembled him who had been driving it.

Afterward, the deputies checked the man’s driver’s license picture and mistakenly thought he was the one who had been seen on video receiving sexual favors at the spa. The spokesman said officials believe they know the identity of the real perpetrator but is unsure whether criminal charges would be filed against him.

The man who was mistakenly arrested saw his case close on Thursday, February 28.

This was not the only case of mistaken identity. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office also reported having wrongfully arrested someone in connection with their investigations on four massage parlors. A man who was wrongfully arrested said in a news conference that he had almost contemplated suicide.

Indian River Solicitation Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested for solicitation and have been wrongfully charged, you need a skilled Indian River solicitation defense lawyer on your side. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A. at (772) 489-2200 at your earliest convenience. An Indian River criminal defense lawyer will discuss your options and help to build you a strong defense in your case. Having your attorney on your side is your best chance of having the charges dropped against you if you have indeed been mistakenly arrested.