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Two Fort Pierce Men Arrested For Drug Possession

Two people were arrested at the intersection of Delaware Avenue and South 29th Street after they were pulled over by deputies. The officers stated that they smelt fresh, unburnt marijuana inside of the car. They searched the car and found money and marijuana. The officers seized the marijuana and the cash. According to the officers, the cash was from drug sales.Jose Luis Soto and Rakab Ihab El-Jechi were the two men arrested in the drug case. The officers stated that the two men are both drug dealers. El-Jechi is also a member of a gang. The officers seized $1,735 in cash and 171 grams of marijuana. Both men were booked at the St. Lucie County Jail.

Drug laws can be quite complicated. A person who is in the car with someone who is using or selling drugs may be arrested simply because they are in the car. However, just because a person is in the car with someone who is using or selling drugs does not necessarily mean that he or she is guilty. There must be proof that the person was aware that the drugs were present and had the ability to control them. Possession of drugs can be joint, constructive or actual under Florida law.

The penalties for drug possession can be quite harsh in the state of Florida. One could be required to spend time in jail or pay a fine. People who sell drugs will typically face harsher consequences than people who are just using them. In fact, many people who are caught selling drugs are charged with a felony.

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