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Fort Pierce Woman Arrested on Charges of Child Neglect

Criminal Defense Lawyer Fort PierceFlorida child abuse is extremely serious and can end up landing someone in jail for a very long time. A 32-year-old mother was just recently arrested for neglecting her child in Fort Pierce. She will need a Fort Pierce child neglect attorney very soon. The accusers stated that the woman had left her young child to wander in the park without adequate clothing or supervision. Even worse, the child was hungry enough to need immediate attention. Some people in the neighborhood had previously taken the child to their homes, fed him and nurtured him.

The woman had been leaving her child unattended in the park for more than two weeks, according to the eye witnesses. The witnesses saw visible bruises on the child’s chest, and they reported that he received the bruises from being slapped by his mother. The witnesses also attested that the woman was carrying a strong alcohol scent that was coming from her mouth. Furthermore, they claimed that the woman and her boyfriend were frequently involved in altercations with each other. The authorities felt that the information was serious enough to arrest the woman and charge her with a neglect crime. She is currently being held on a bail that is more than $3,700. She will need a criminal defense attorney Fort Pierce to tend to her case.

Child neglect cases in Florida are serious offenses. They can leave a person with up to 15 years in jail and some very heavy fines. Furthermore, the charges will follow the defendant for a lifetime. A convicted child abuser cannot get a job working with children in the future. Even regular jobs will be difficult to obtain with such a blemish on the record. The only way that an accused person can hope to receive help is by calling a criminal defense attorney Fort Pierce specialist.

A criminal defense attorney in Fort Pierce can takes several steps to protect the client’s life. The attorney will try a proof demand, a reasonable defense and a penalty negotiation if necessary. The penalty negotiation is a proposal for something that is different than the average behind-bars sentence or such. The attorney may suggest probation, labor duty, house arrest or something else. Jeffery Garland and his associates can help you or a loved one that you have seen go through the same ordeal as the woman in this story. You do not have to fight child neglect charges alone. Call now to get help.