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Fort Pierce Police Officer Arrested for DUI

An officer was struck by a police car on Wednesday, October 8 at approximately 6 p.m after the driver was operating the vehicle while intoxicated. Ryan Steven Moore, 48, was performing a K-9 training exercise in the parking lot of the Port St. Lucie Police Department when he struck the officer with the front of his bumper. No one was injured in the accident after the victim pushed back on the hood of the car and stepped back several feet to protect himself.

Moore, a four-year police veteran, smelled of alcohol and admitted to driving while intoxicated before he was arrested. He seemed to be uneasy on his feet, had red eyes, and appeared drunk to other officers. He had arrived at the training session already intoxicated. After the incident, he later suffered from a possible seizure and received treatment by fire rescue before being taken to the hospital. He refused a breathalyzer and would not take a blood test by police, admitting that he would fail and had an alcohol content that was over the legal limit.

Port St. Lucie Chief of Police, John A. Bolduc, stated, “Very surprised, I mean it’s very uncommon. It was at a very low speed, but obviously [the other officer] came in contact with a moving motor vehicle, but he didn’t get hurt.”

Moore was arrested on one count of a DUI at the Saint Lucie County Jail and released on $750 bond. He is currently on administrative leave with pay.

Chief R. Sean Baldwin commented on the incident by stating, “Driving under the influence represents a deadly danger, and our officers are dedicated to protecting our community from this danger. As with any DUI arrest, this case will be referred to the State Attorney’s Office for prosecution.”

Moore began his employment at the Fort Pierce Police Department in January of 2009 and was working as a police aide before being promoted to an officer in December 2009.

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