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Fort Pierce Man Arrested On Drug Charges

A 28 year-old man named Stravious Johnson was arrested in Fort Pierce for drug possession on Thursday, December 11, 2014. He was charged with possession of marijuana and amphetamine. Officers found him driving a vehicle connected with an armed robbery that had occurred earlier that night.

Around 9 P.M on Thursday, officers in Okeechobee County issued an alert about an armed robbery that occurred at a Food Mart. The man reportedly had stolen $600 in cash. Less than one hour later, the officers gave an update on the vehicle and license plate that was linked to the robbery. The Nissan was registered to a woman who lived on the 400 Block North of 21st Street. Johnson was arrested on the 500 Block of Ohio Avenue In Fort Pierce.

The deputies stated that Johnson did not have any weapons on him. However, the police officers did find the drugs and $300 in Johnson’s pocket. Both Johnson and the driver were interviewed by the Okeechobee Police Detective. The driver of the Nissan was not arrested.

The state of Florida, like all other states, takes drug charges very serious. People who are caught with drugs could be sentenced to jail or pay a fine. The consequences are even harsher for people who are caught selling drugs. That is why it is important for you to consult with a Ft Pierce Drug Attorney if you are facing drug charges.

People should also be aware of the fact that they could be arrested even if the drugs do not belong to them. For example, if the police finds drugs in a car or a house, then they are likely to arrest all of the occupants. However, in the state of Florida, one must able to prove that the person knew that the drugs were present, and he or she had the ability to control them. A person who is arrested simply for being in a place with drugs will most likely get his or her charges dropped.

Drug and drug-related charges can be very complicated. In the state of Florida, drug charges can range from simple possession to drug trafficking, doctor shopping and grow houses. Fortunately, a Ft Pierce drug defense lawyer is knowledgeable of all of the drug laws in Florida. You may be able to get your charges dropped and avoid punishment completely if you hire an attorney.