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Fort Pierce Foster Mother Arrested For Child Abuse

Kelli Yanuzzi, who is a 29-year old foster mother from Fort Pierce, has been arrested for child abuse. She broke her foster daughter’s femur. The little girl was rushed to the emergency room after the incident occurred.

According to deputies, the foster mother threw the little girl down on the ground after she refused to take a nap. Yanuzzi also stated that she would have never hurt the little girl if she would have taken a nap. According to reports, Yanuzzi recently became a foster mother. She is also a foster mother to the two year-old’s nine month-old brother. Both of the children have been placed with another caregiver.

Yanuzzi has since been released from prison on $20,000 bail. This is the second report of foster child abuse in Treasure Coast within the past two months. Michael Beer, who is from Port St. Lucie, was arrested after he killed his two year-old foster child. He is currently in jail without a bond.

Ken Frederick works with New Horizon on Treasure Coast. He has worked with families and children for several years. He has stated that it is often hard to tell whether or not someone will be a good parent. He also that foster parents are often unaware of the all of the stress that comes along with raising a child.

Frederick has stated that foster parents should reach out for help instead of abusing their children. There are many services available for people who are struggling with their biological and foster children.

Sadly, children are being abused everyday by their foster or biological parents. Child abuse can have serious consequences. Not only can you get arrested, but it can cause you to lose your job and ruin your life. That is why if you have been falsely accused of child abuse, then you should contact a Fort Pierce child abuse lawyer.

Your Fort Pierce domestic violence attorney will work hard to help you clear your name so that you can return to your normal life. Time is of the essence, so you want to make sure you contact an attorney as soon as possible.