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Fort Pierce Man Arrested for Selling Drugs

On the 700 block of N. 24th Street in Fort Pierce, a cigar tube filled with almost 60 crack cocaine rocks were found in a pile of leaves. The cigar tube was discovered during a law enforcement check of vacant homes in the area. Several men were standing near the pile of leaves when the tube was discovered. One of the bystanders claimed he was in the area to clean the yard for a loved one.

Officers were quick to spot and confiscate the object due to cigar tubes being common concealers for narcotics. The crack cocaine inside of the cigar tube was worth more than $1,000.

Shortly after confiscation of the cigar tube and the crack cocaine contents, Anthony Bailey, one of the men standing near the pile of leaves, was arrested on suspicion of one count of possession of cocaine with intent to sell and one count of possession of cocaine. Another man in the group, Carlos Ayala Cuesta, was arrested due to Saint Lucie and Indian River county warrants for writing cold checks. Cuesta is currently being held without bail.

Does this case sound familiar? Are you currently being charged with crimes that are merely based on suspicion? Jeffrey H. Garland is a Fort Pierce Florida drug attorney you definitely want to contact.

What Next?

Drug charges can range anywhere from a simple possession to flat out trafficking. Jeffrey H. Garland is a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer that has ample experience with handling and winning state and federal level drug cases.

A simple charge is not always the end of the rope. A person cannot be guilty of possession just because they’re simply near where drugs were located or found. When a charge is made against an individual such as Anthony Bailey, the State must prove that he was aware the drugs were present and that he was able to control them.

Defending criminals that are guilty of drug offenses is complex and delicate, and not all drug possession criminal lawyers are capable of it. Experience is extremely important when it comes to choosing a Fort Pierce Florida drug attorney. There are many examples of drug case success on Jeffrey H. Garland’s website, located under the “Cases” and “Articles” sections.

If you’re currently being charged with a drug offense, all is not lost. Your safest bet is to contact an experienced attorney, such as Jeffrey H. Garland, today. Your future and reputation are delicate; don’t you want to leave them in the right hands?