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2500 Rhode Island Ave, Suite B, Fort Pierce, FL 34947
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2500 Rhode Island Avenue
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Fort Pierce Drug Raid

After U.S. Marshals discovered drugs, ammunition and a gun at a home, located on Havana Avenue in Fort Pierce. The federal agents were arresting a teenager with an outstanding warrant, a pair of men were arrested for drug possession charges. Police confiscated Ecstasy, Oxycodone, Zoloft, and marijuana, as well as ammunition and a .357 revolver, which were allegedly found inside the home. No one in the home had prescriptions for the legal narcotics, according to police. These men are now in need of a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer to defend them against the charges they face. One man was charged with trafficking, and possession of marijuana, as well as weapons charges. The other man was charged with “just” possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. A teenager was also arrested based on an outstanding warrant.

Jeffrey H. Garland, a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer, handles drug cases at state and federal levels, using his extensive experience to defend those who are facing drug charges in Florida courts. He understands how complicated drug-related charges are, including challenging search and seizure methods that may have led to the arrests in this case.

Under Florida law, simply being in a house or car where drugs are found does not make ta person guilty of possession. The state must prove that the person knew that the drugs were present and had the ability to control them. It is routine for police to arrest everyone in a house when drugs are present, but mere presence is not sufficient evidence of guilt. Simply being in close proximity to drugs does not mean the defendant had control over them or that they even knew they were there.

The men arrested in this raid need a drug possession criminal lawyer with proven success at fighting search and seizure techniques in drug cases. Mr. Garland has successfully defended many of those who were simply in the same location as illegal drugs, but who had no control or knowledge of their existence.