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Fort Pierce Drug Lawyer

Fort Pierce Man Arrested For Possesion of Illegal Drugs

A man and woman were arrested on drug charges in Fort Pierce, Florida, after a routine traffic stop for driving with no headlights.According to police reports, the officer who stopped the Ford Fusion at 8 p.m. noticed a strong smell of marijuana from inside and ordered a search of the car, which turned up a pound of marijuana in the trunk, along with a stolen handgun in the center console and over $6,000 in cash. The male and female occupants were booked on charges including possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

At first glance, this appears to be a cut-and-dry situation where the State should have no trouble proving guilt and the two who were arrested will invariably serve time in a prison cell. After all, they were caught red-handed in a car with a large quantity of an illegal drug, along with other contraband. But if they play it smart between now and the trial, they could be walking.

The first step both individuals should take is to contact a reputable Fort Pierce drug defense attorney who can apprise their situation and figure out the best plan of action which will result in an acquittal or the charges being dropped or lessened.

A person is not automatically guilty of possession just because he or she is found in close proximity to illegal drugs, such as inside a car or house. The State has the burden to prove that the suspect both knew about the presence of the illegal drugs and had the power to control them.

A good drug possession criminal lawyer in Fort Pierce may be able to raise a reasonable doubt in court as to his client’s knowledge of or ability to control the drugs, which is all that is needed for an acquittal.

Jeffrey H. Garland is a Fort Pierce drug lawyer with extensive experience defending these kinds of cases and he is the best asset you can have if you find yourself facing drug charges in Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, or anywhere on the Treasure Coast.

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