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Man Arrested of Drug Charge Needs a Fort Pierce Drug Attorney

On Nov. 5 a resident of Port St. Lucie was arrested in the evening when his home was raided by the police. He was suspected of manufacturing methamphetamine in his home. The police spokesman claimed that he was in possession of methamphetamine and also was in possession of a grinder, Sudafed and what the spokesman described as hazardous liquids. Together, these items have made the police believe that he was attempting to manufacturer the drug.

Fort Pierce Drug Attorney

The above incident illustrates the need for an attorney with experience in drug cases especially those that involve the raiding of a home by the police. A good Fort Pierce Drug Attorney will have had many cases involving a variety of drug arrests and be able to listen to your side of the story. Too often people assume that anybody whose home is raided is automatically guilty, and this is even truer with those accused of having a methamphetamine lab. Naturally, neighbors have a fear of having this type of drug production near their home. The chemicals used are dangerous, and explosions can happen easily. However, not every person accused of this crime is guilty. In fact, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

In the above news story, they stated what evidence they found, and it may be possible to explain most of it. The grinder has many uses besides making methamphetamine and Sudafed, although regulated, is not illegal in the state of Florida. The dangerous chemicals could be common household items. Without hearing the specifics, the police may have a weak case. There remains the possession charge, but if this cannot be defended, at least the charges can be reduced for the accused.

Never plead guilty to any drug crime without speaking to a Fort Pierce drug attorney and remain silent until you can consult with one. It is up to the district attorney to charge and prove those charges in a court of law. Jeffrey H. Garland is a public attorney with years of experience related to drug charges and fighting for his clients in court. This experience extends to all illegal drugs and includes charges of possession, distribution, buying, selling and production. Keep in mind that innocent people are charged with drug crimes everyday, and many of them were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is not a crime and Jeffrey H. Garland can defend you as well. If you have been in a similar situation as the man in the news story or any other situation involving drugs, then give the Jeffrey H. Garland law firm a call for assistance in your case.