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Dog Left in Hot Car Dies, Owner Arrested

Indian River Animal CrueltyAccording to the Indian River County Sheriff’s office, a 64-year-old Fellsmere man was arrested after leaving his dog in his car for almost 4 hours. The man arrived at a bar on Indian River Drive around noon. He partially rolled down the windows of the car, and then left to spend the afternoon in the bar.

Apparently, he spoke with other customers at the bar, revealing he had left the dog in the vehicle. An argument ensued between the man and some of the bar patrons. Indian River authorities were called around 4 p.m. with complaints about a disturbance at the bar. Meanwhile, the other customers removed the dog from the hot car in an attempt to save it. After being brought into an air-conditioned restroom, the dog eventually died.

The man was noted as saying the dog was elderly and was going to die anyway. He was arrested was booked in the Indian River County Jail on a $10,000 bond where he faces charges of animal cruelty.

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